I decided to have a date night the other day and ended up going to The Axe Pit in Portland, ME. I've done axe throwing once in the past, and it went well (except for the fact that towards the end of my time, I broke a light bulb).

Axe throwing is always fun, and honestly, it is a great way to get out some anger. For instance, when my boyfriend said something that irritated me, I got my axe a lot closer to hitting the bullseye. Granted ace throwing is a great way to take out some frustration, but it can also make for a very fun date night.

Here are 5 reasons why The Axe Pit is perfect for a date:

It Can Be Competitive

Yes, there is the normal competition of who can hit the bullseye, but The Axe Pit takes it one step further. They have a scoring system that makes throwing axes even more competitive.

I will tell you that if you choose to partake in the scoring system, there are two blue spots that are worth 8 points (the highest amount of points that you could get with one throw), and neither my boyfriend nor I were able to hit it (it is not easy at all).

There Is More Than Just Axe Throwing

The Axe Pit offers so much more than just axe throwing, making it perfect for a date night out. Other than axe throwing, there is also pizza and even adult beverages (which can either make axe throwing fun or more dangerous).

Another really cool thing that makes The Axe Pit stand out is that they offer more than just your typical axe to throw. Now, I cannot tell you the names of the axes, but I can tell you that I was a bit of a risk-taker and threw one that had a sharp edge on both sides (luckily, I did not cut open my shoulder). There is also another option, a battle box.

The battle box has a variety of knives, battle stars, and more that you can rent out and throw. Of course, I did not learn about the battle box until I was leaving, but you can best believe that I will be going back just to try those weapons out.

Private Lanes

Another reason that this is such a great date night option is that your party will get their own private throwing lane. There are two throwing lanes in each area. Since it was not too crowded, my boyfriend and I were able to each have our own throwing lane.

It Is Very Relaxed

The atmosphere is relaxed, and it is not too loud inside, so it is easy to hold a conversation with the person that you are with. Not to mention, the staff are wicked nice and helpful (especially so that no one gets hurt).

It is $20 per person for one hour of throwing, if you are interested in the battle box, it is an extra $20. All in all, The Axe Pit is a great place to go on a date or even to take out some frustrations. You can find more information here.

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