The coast of Maine is still picking up the pieces after astronomical high tides and winds battered the shoreline, flooded buildings, and made a giant mess of almost anything near the water.

Jacob Knowles was one of the many people whose property was badly damaged. He's a lobster fisherman and is also popular on TikTok. Jacob bought five waterfront cottages in Prospect Harbor last year that he fixed up and listed on as vacation rentals through fall, winter, and summer.

Mother Nature had other plans when the second of two big storms wreaked havoc on the coastline.

Water was coming up to the cabins and even flowing past them. It was so much water that Jacob had to get out of the cabin while he was on TikTok, go through the second-story window to the back of the cottage, and jump to the ground.

When he returned to the cottages after the storm, the damage was significant. The cottages had been pushed back several feet from where they were, and some of them were even facing in different directions.

Now, like so many other people on the coast, it is time to rebuild. Jacob posted another update on the damage to his TikTok on Monday, which you can see here.

We haven't seen damage at the coast on this scale in decades. The one-two punch of two storms just days apart has had an impact on everyone on the coast, and everyone in Maine for that matter.

Jacob says there's a long road ahead, but he plans to have everything fixed and ready to go by spring.

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