"Tiny Houses" are a pretty new concept here in Maine, and the Town of Bucksport just announced that they're allowing the new structures within the town.

The Bangor Daily News is reporting that new regulations in Bucksport allow the small homes.

Many are teeny tiny... and we mean wicked small. The website Tiny Homes of Maine features a few models and floor plans, and these things have more in common with a dorm room than a house! They even use the slogan "less house, more home!"

The average square footage for the models available online here, including a sleeping loft, is 260 square feet. That's like twice the size of my bedroom!

But the best part... their turnkey models start at just $45K. It's definitely within your budget!

If you're thinking about living the tiny lifestyle, make sure you check with your town before you pull the trigger. Many towns in Maine either do not permit the structures, or don't have any codes on the books that either permit or restrict them.

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