Hasn't been killin' you now knowing what was going through TB12's head as he sat on the field after the Super Bowl loss? Here is your answer.


Not to reopen a wound, but for Tom Brady that Super Bowl loss will haunt him. His own words. He started a documentary series for Facebook called 'Tom vs Time' a few weeks leading up to the big game. The series gives us fans a first hand look into Tom's very private life and how he stays in shape. It is a miracle to see a 40 year old man play the way Tom Brady does. Can he continue to stay this invincible?

We did find out that Tom is just a man and sometimes he loses. TB12 took sometime to himself and now he is speaking out about how he feels about the big loss. This is the last episode of the 'Tom vs Time' series and I home we can all get a little closer after watching this. And, remember there is always next year!! GO PATS!

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