There's nothing better than seeing a Mainer really embrace their roots through some lobster trap repurposing.

We've seen lobster trap chairs, tables, Christmas trees, even lobster trap mailboxes... but have you seen a lobster trap truck grille? Didn't think so.

A reddit user spotted this creative lobster trap craftiness in Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. Obviously he snapped a photo and brought it to r/Maine, where other Mainers could appreciate the ingenuity of this truck owner. Wait for it... you'll start seeing lobster trap grilles everywhere. Obviously this photo was taken not in summer time... because if it had, it would be filled with bugs. Notice the lack of bugs on this pristine grille.

Looking for other way to repurpose lobster traps? Check out these sites: the Original Lobster Rockah and Kettle Cove Enterprises, who make lobster trap bike baskets! I wish I were this clever.

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