January's coming to a close. How're you doing on those New Year's resolutions? If we have anything in common, you probably came up with a revolutionary new plan to save yourself some money and promptly failed to stick to it.

I just came across a way to sneakily save money catching on in Maine. It will put $1,378 of your dollars away over the course of your year, thanks to WGME.

The maine (heh) idea is that you set away the number of dollars that corresponds with the week of the year. At this point, the fifth week of the year, you'd be putting away $5. Toss another $10 in there to make up for the weeks you missed so far, plan for $6 next week, and you're well on your way. Come Christmas, you'll be putting away $52 dollars for the 52nd week of the year. Sounds doable, right? Give it a try and save yourself $1,378 for 2018!

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