According to our friends at WGME CBS 13, a lobsterman from Kittery pulled off something that can only happen one in 30 million times, and he did this twice.

Bruce Knapp, a veteran lobsterman in Maine, caught not just one but two calico lobsters.


They are even rarer than the 'live red' and 'blue' lobsters that you see.

He also caught these lobsters in two different traps 10 minutes apart, according to WGME. Who knows, maybe they were made, so they came from the same litter or whatever you call lobster babies out of eggs. The odds of this are making a lot of news and even having the news commentators thinking that Mr. Knapp should buy a lottery ticket.

As a matter of fact, I wish he could go in and buy my tickets for me period.

Typically, after these lobsters are discovered, they're donated to aquariums such as Boston if they're adult lobsters. If you're wondering why they still turn red, if you cook them, the answer is yes. What would you do if you were a lobsterman and caught a calico lobster?

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