This is Uncle Nicky. This is Uncle Nicky as happy as I've ever seen him...and the reason is sweet.


Since both of our parents have passed, my sister Chris had Uncle Nicky walk her down the aisle. And he was just beaming.


Uncle Nicky wedding


Aunt Barb (not pictured) could not have been happier for Nick. This is how I'm used to seeing Uncle Nicky.

Don't worry. That pose runs in the family. That's how I usually am too!

I'm so proud of my sis. She's had a tough go of it. She's been through a lot physically and also with a failed marriage. Never easy...but she truly is super happy and I can't wait to see her and meet her new hubby.

For those of you who enjoy 'Coffee With Uncle Nicky''s the man behind the 'Okay kiddo!'

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