As you recall, a couple of months ago, the Farmers Almanac talked about how it was going to be one of the coldest winters on record here in Maine.

Now it appears. CBS 13's weather team is saying we're going to have a warmer than usual winter. They're still going to be a lot of snow going into March, but it's going to be heavier and wetter with more precipitation, but gone apparently are the days of frigid cold.

Today is November 6th, and it was 65 outside. That's different from usual, but climate change is not real; I digress.

I've lived in Connecticut for most of my life, and I lived in Vermont for four years, so I don't know much about Maine's weather, but I imagine it can't be that different from any of those two places.

It sure beats living in places where earthquakes or tornadoes happen, I'll tell you that much.

Are you excited for a warmer than average winter, or would you prefer the frigid cold winter wonderland that Maine is known for being?

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