A month ago, the farmer's Almanac came out, and they said this is going to be the coldest, snowiest winters on record for the state of Maine. Obviously, the department of transportation took that to heart because right now, in South Portland, there are about 25,000 tons of salt waiting for the winter season to begin.

It seems as though with the weather changing do to magic or, as some would say, the devil (cough climate change), we have more of a need for things like this, and then after the winter goes away, they have to clean the salt off the streets, thus leaving us with potholes from the plowing that never get fixed. All of those things being said, we have to remember that living here in the great state of Maine gives us glorious Summers, magnificent foliage in the Fall, excellent brisk Springs, and gorgeous beaches, and to have those things, we have to put up with five months of darkness and cold.

This winter, please ensure that you allow the plow people to do their jobs. Wash your cars thoroughly, so the underbody doesn't rust we're going to get through this enjoy the photo of the salt.


This South Portland salt pile has between 25,000 and 30,000 tons of salt that will be used this winter in the southern and western parts of Maine. #winteriscoming #winterisalwayscoming

Posted by MaineDOT on Friday, 2 October 2020

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