Driving along, minding my own business, I noticed something that made me pull over and whip out the phone!

I often take the rode around Back Cove. I'll take it to get to Hannaford, or further down Forest Avenue while avoiding Forest Avenue. But mostly, I take it because I love the view. I love the old giant homes along the way, the view of Casco Bay and the skyline of Portland is gorgeous.

But recently I saw something that made me pull over and grab my phone. A whole ton of geese in the fields of Cheverus High School. Just munching away...


I'll be honest. The video was a lot longer, but Martin Scorsese I'm not. I couldn't shoot through the fence, so I had to go over the fence. But I'm not that tall, so I had to hold my phone over the fence and hope for the best. I had about 30 seconds of JUST THE TRACK. Uh, not geese. Thank God I got a few seconds of the field filled with geese. Giant geese!

As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. Just a quick snack before they head south. Apparently, these geese are taking their sweet time heading to warmer temperatures.

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