I gotta say, when I agreed to submerge myself in the freezing chamber at Maine Cryospa and Therapy, the last thing I thought I'd be saying when I came out was "Again!"

When I agreed to do it, I figured it would be a total grin-and-bear-it experience to talk about on air. The temperatures mentioned in their online description are unfathomably cold:

Whole body cryotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that involves exposure to extremely cold dry air (usually below -170°F) in an environmentally controlled chamber for short periods of time (typically between 2 and 3 minutes). The skin surface temperature is reduced to approximately 40°F.

Walking in, I started to get really nervous. How someone could be exposed to those kind of temps and come out saying they felt "relaxed" just did not make sense. But I was welcomed warmly in by Nicole and Christy, shown the machine I'd be climbing tentatively into, and provided with a robe, socks, and cozy slippers. After changing, I took deep breaths while they brought the cryochamber down to its -112F degree starting temp. I'd type out the rest of my experience, but I'm a very talkative scaredy cat so I recommend watching the video for a full report.

When I came out, I felt like a new gal!

This may be the fastest emotional 180 I've ever experienced! I emerged feeling invigorated and refreshed, which is exactly what I was told would happen and still didn't believe.

After my Whole Body Cryo, I tried out the Cryo Facial, a super relaxing (and much less intimidating) treatment that involves waving a magic wand of AC goodness over your face for 10 minutes. It's a summer dream come true, and still a very nice feeling in the dead of winter!

I felt the effects of my treatments all day - no joke. I stretched out and all of my muscles and joints felt so limber and relaxed! When I got home, I took a nap and woke up thinking I'd slept through the night and missed the morning show, I was so bizarrely rested. I can't wait to do this again!

Luckily, my new pals at the Cryospa clued me in to their Valentine special in which they're offering a 4-pack of Whole Body Cryos for $100 (as opposed to the usual $35 each) AND if you bring in a friend, you each save $5 on a single Whole Body treatment.

They don't particularly market their therapy as a date or friend date activity, but I will totally be using it for that. It gives you the endorphins of getting a tattoo, with only a fraction of the unpleasant sensation and none of the potential regret!

For any questions, head over to the Maine Cryospa & Therapy website!

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