'Tis the season for brightly lit Christmas trees in every city across the state. They're gorgeous, of course, but if you're in the mood for something a little more Maine, go no further than Rockland.

Each year the Lobster Trap Tree is assembled at Mildred Merrill Park. According to the Pen Bay Pilot, the tree this year was assembled by members of the Coast Guard and took nearly 6 hours to build. No small feat for a cold November day by the sea.

So, what goes into such a monster of a "tree"? The Bangor Daily News wrote a piece in 2019 that said the 40-foot-tall tree is constructed of 155 traps, 2,500 lights, 600 feet of garland, and more than 100 buoy "ornaments".

The tree has gone up year after year for two decades. After that much time, they have it down to a science. Mostly, the more zip ties, the better.

Danielle Petit, @daniellepetit on TikTok captured this year's rising of the traps on a TikTok that has nearly 30k views at the time of posting.

And she didn't leave us hanging either, she also uploaded a video of what it looks like all lit up, and it's STUNNING!

It's so nice to see that even in a pandemic, some traditions don't change.

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