It feels like it was a hundred years ago, but for awhile there we were all infatuated with the "Tiger King" docuseries on Netflix. There's just something about very large cats that draws people in. But the size and the potential dangers of those big cats becomes a whole lot more real when one of them shows up in your backyard. That's exactly what happened in the small town of Dresden, Maine situated between Gardiner and Wiscasset.

Shared on Facebook by Sam Bassett, take a look at the size of that cat. Initially, some of the commenters on the post believed it was a lynx but that isn't the case. That's a fully grown bobcat and it looks like it might be hungry.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife estimate that bobcats in Maine typically grow to be 3 feet in length and between 20-30 pounds. There actually fairly common in Maine as well, habitating in almost every corner of the state. But bobcats are known to be reclusive and are very rarely caught on camera. Which makes these videos shot by Bassett all the more tantalizing.


Bobcats will typically avoid interactions with humans unless they are sick or rabid. This particular bobcat appeared to be on the search for smaller prey and a nice place to take a nap after a meal. Keep your eyes open though, in these "quieter" times we're living in, nature is coming out of hiding.

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