This little guy wanted to take a trolley ride at the Seashore Trolley Museum.

At the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennbunkport, they've seen all sorts of neat animals. There's a 'roaming turkey, woodchuck family, snapping turtle, bear, and now this little guy!'

At first they didn't know what this was. They first guessed an albino skunk, then they albino groundhog.

But then it was identified as an albino porcupine.

Wait...a baby albino porcupine! How cute is this little guy? At this point he looks like one of those delicious Hostess snowballs only fluffy. I

'm assuming that when porcupines are babies they don't have the quills that your dog hates when they get stuck in his nose!

There have been some serious albino animals in Maine lately.

An albino cardinal (okay a bird...but still) and an albino deer.

I can only imagine that we have so many albino things in Maine because it would be super easy to hide in all the snow.

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