This is a yearbook photo from 2013 at Mt. Ararat High School. So, why won't they let Tara do the same?


Tara, a senior at Mt. Ararat in Topsham, wants to pose with her 11 month old son Lucus. They said no. They gave excuses like, they don't want people to be confused who is the person graduating. Or they don't want to promote teen pregnancy...

Tara just wants this as her senior photo for her yearbook.


Tara plans to go to the school board, and I think through the over 1,000 comments we have gotten on Facebook, she has a lot of support.

After hearing about Tara, Elizabeth told me of HER senior photo in 2013 with her 6 month old son. She does not understand why Mt. Ararat won't let Tara just use this picture.

A lot of us don't understand...


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