A neighbor just asked me, 'Why do Mainers hate the pop-in?' I told her everyone hates the pop-in. Nope, apparently, it's a Maine thing...

I thought everyone hated the pop-in. You know, when someone uninvited comes over for whatever reason.

I hate them for several reasons:

  • I usually don't have a bra on
  • I look like death warmed over
  • I'd rather eat lima beans than see a human

But that's just me. Is it a Maine thing? My neighbor is originally from Wisconsin and she LOVES the pop-in. Says they would do it all the time in Wisconsin. I said it's because there are 6 people in Wisconsin and it's a big event if you get to see someone.

She disagreed. But she does not know why Mainers hate them so. Why do Mainers hate the pop-in?


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