Living in a city with a dog isn't the easiest task, but there are ways to ease the struggle for both you and your pup. I've lived in a downtown area with my two very active pups for almost two years and this is how I've made it this far.

1. Get acquainted with a dog walker.

If you don't have a backyard for the pup to run free then he'll probably need a few more strolls outside throughout the day to get his exercise. Services like Wag and Rover can pair you with a dog-loving local to care for your pup when you can't get home during the day.

2. Find a boarding and daycare facility where you and your dog both feel comfortable.

Roscoe's Bed & Bark has changed my life by giving me a safe place that my dogs love to visit. Whether it's a quick overnight trip or a week-long vacation, I know that the staff at Roscoe's truly care about the health and safety of my pups when I'm gone. My dogs know when we're pulling down the road to Roscoe's and immediately start squealing and jumping in the backseat. It's a great option for exercise when I can't get them outside to play, too.

3. Locate the dog friendly outdoor areas and use them. Often. Queen Queen

It's no fun for a dog to be tethered to a human 24/7. Off-leash areas give pups a chance to lengthen their stride and get the 'zoomies' out in wide open space. Within 10 minutes of downtown Portland there are several beaches (Willard and East End), dog parks (Quarry Run and Valley Street), and designated public parks (section of the Eastern Promenade) that welcome free running pups as long as they're under voice control.

4. Get your dog food via automatic delivery. will delivery your dog food on a schedule you decide. You will never forget to pick up your pup's kibble and you'll never have to lug it from your super far street parking spot while balancing all of your groceries in the other hand.

5. Buy poop bags in bulk. Queen Queen

You will run out of poop bags and you will be scrambling to find that one remaining plastic Hannaford bag without a hole in it as your pup does his potty dance at the front door. Don't be caught without a roll of bags. Order in bulk from Amazon. I get my poop bags delivered in boxes of 900.

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