You've got the turkey and the wine, I'm sure. But what are you forgetting to add to your Thanksgiving shopping list that you'll wish you had when your extended family starts arriving? Double check this list to make sure you've got it all covered.

1) Paper Towels

Who knows how these evaporate so quickly, but you can never have too many paper towels.

2) Meat Thermometer

If you're like me, Thanksgiving is about the only time you use a meat thermometer (and really need it!)

3) Leftover Containers

Send your friends and relatives home with food so you're not stuck with Thanksgiving sandwiches for the next two weeks.

4) Potato Masher

Wanna get those creamy smooth taters that everyone envies? You need one of those squiggly potato mashers! Nothing smashes spuds like a professional masher. Get lost, forks!

5) Ice

Whether you're plowing through mimosas, staying hydrated with water, or hurriedly popping that room temperature bottle of wine that Aunt Gertrude brought along, you're gonna want some ice. Stat.

6) Aluminum Foil

God knows it's impossible to finish every dish of food at the same time. While the yams get cold on the counter, the gravy is just getting started. You gotta have that aluminum foil to keep your "done" items warm while the rest of the meal catches up!

7) Dishwasher Soap

You're gonna wanna toss every possible thing you can into the dishwasher... don't let yourself open the cupboard and discover an empty soap box. As they say in the Lion King, BE PREPAAAAAAARED!

8) Board Game

There's nothing worse than finishing a giant meal and awkwardly laying out in the living room like beached whales with nothing to do and nothing to talk about besides how cold it is and how full you are. Bring along a game - Scrabble, Taboo, Apples to Apples - to fill the void and drown out Cousin Albert's snoring.

9) Plastic Plates and Utensils

Lord knows you'll end up with plenty to wash besides just the table wear - so why add to it? They've got some pretty fancy-looking plastic wear available to buy these days and no one will judge you for not wanting to wash a table full of plates and forks.

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