I've had a long-standing crush on Maine, and an even longer obsession with making lists. So it should come as no surprise that upon finally moving here, I've already got loads of ideas for places to go, restaurants to try, and local events to check out! But quick, before our snow melts, I figure I'd better get to the cold stuff first. Here goes!

1. Snowhike Acadia National Park

I'm a lover of wintery backwoods adventures and I have yet to visit the famed Acadia National Park. I imagine it's spectacular in the summer, but I brought my snowshoes with me to get up there before the tourists return!

2. Try Out Skijoring at Maine Dog Sledding

As I watch my Bernese Mountain Dog hobble around the house with her paw stuck in one end of her rope toy while tugging on the other end, I don't foresee her easily navigating a dogsled trail. Luckily, Maine Dog Sledding offers tours with their trained teams of Alaskan Huskies. How could someone pass up the chance to see Katahdin country via dogsled team?

3. Tour Maine's Many Lighthouses

I have visited ZERO lighthouses in my life. Can you believe it? They're the most picturesque structures (after maybe castles) and there's a plethora of them in this state. Plus, snowy conditions only seem to add to their dramatic splendor. Bring 'em on!

4. Ski Camden Snow Bowl

Having grown up in North Idaho ski country and migrating east to Boston, I'm thrilled to be closer to some of the more reputable ski hills on the east coast. Black diamonds, here I come! (Does Camden have black diamonds?)

5. Oh, And Beer.

Between Oxbow, Shipyard, Rising Tide, and Lone Pine on the peninsula alone, I can already hear those flights calling my name. Add in some fried apps and potential to make new friends, and what better way is there to unwind after a full day of romping in the snow?

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