Hey COVID-19...let's chat.


Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels as though they are living in a science fiction movie. Not just a science fiction movie, but one that is not that good and so implausible that you call it 'stupid'.

Oh and it also stars Dustin Hoffman with his son played by Zach Efron.


There are a couple of things I'd like to tell this COVID-19. First - you are really scaring the bejesus out of me. I have seen and read too many things that make me think there is no avoiding knowing someone I love and care about getting you.

I am grateful my parents aren't here to live through you.

The effect you are having on our economy as a whole is untold. The effect you are having on families is still unfolding. The effect you are having on businesses is devastating. The effect you are having on normalcy is long lasting.

You have made 'social distancing' a new phrase none of us have even considered before. You, COVID-19, alone are dividing the world into those who follow the new rules, and those who don't.

COVID-19...you are shining a bright light on idiots and heroes. You are making me grateful to read the stories of people, and Mainers, going above and beyond to help the situation. You have made me appreciate every human working at the hospitals. Everyone who has been working tirelessly to stock the shelves of grocery stores and get the food to you. Those people have been thrust onto the front lines of this virus!

You make me long for just a month ago.

COVID-19...you make me worried about what the world will be when you are done ravaging us. Will we be better for it? Will it make us stronger? Will it break us?

Now that I'm chatting with you COVID-19, I want to say something. But I can't without using bad language...so it will have to wait.


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