Have you ever been shopping, and accidentally found a piece of furniture for a really great price and just couldn't leave it behind? Then you get home and you realize nobody is around to help you carry it inside the way the guy from TJMAXX did when he put it in your car?

My First Mistake:

Hi, it's me. I just did that. The other day I found this wooden dresser while shopping for something completely irrelevant, as it always goes, and the price was so good I just couldn't leave it behind.

When I got to my house, I opened my Jeep Wrangler's doors and quickly realized I had no way of getting this thing inside my house alone. Oops. It was about to rain so I had to just give it a go, and I was very clearly failing until this happened.

How A Stranger Fixed It:

I turn around to hear this sweet voice coming down the stairs of a girl I've never met before who lives above me.

Before even introducing herself to me she said "Let's get this thing inside, nobody can do this alone."

So we both didn't say a word, and we used teamwork to get this dresser inside my house and into my bedroom. Only after the dresser was inside did she introduce herself which I thought was hilarious.

I thanked her up and down for being such a kind person and now we're going to get lunch later on this week. New friends!

Sidenote: Life is funny, let it be funny.

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