Bob Marley, Maine's King of Comedy, may know WHY they had to have an 8th child...and yes, we know the gender!


I'll let Bob tell you the big news.


8 kids. And Lee, 8 IS enough...remember?


I learned some valuable information about Lee and Karen. They are obsessed with the number 8! Lee's number in high school soccer, they were married on August 8th. So it definitely makes sense.

If you will recall, Karen gave birth to number 7 on the sidewalk outside of Maine Med! Hopefully they'll make it INSIDE the hospital for this baby boy! Oh right...yes, it's another boy.

Lee is a fantastic father, and Karen is an amazing mom. But I have three kids and can barely survive that! I feel like I should get a part time job just to pay for the protein I have to keep in the house for the boys! 7 boys and one girl...way to go Lee and Karen! I look forward to seeing you on News Center Maine for decades to come!



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