For more than 60 years, Fat Boy Drive-In has been a Brunswick institution for the warmer months. Iconic burgers and onion rings have kept the restaurant a destination, but it's always been a seasonal one. When the colder months arrive, Fat Boy has always gone into hibernation. Times are changing and so is Fat Boy, as they plan to stay open throughout the winter this year and they'll do so with some extra offerings for customers.

According to the Sun-Journal, Fat Boy Drive-In will close up shop on Halloween for some renovations but when they reopen a short time later, they'll have a host of new offerings for patrons. The first of which will be an all-new outdoor tent that will feature your favorites from Fat Boy along with favorites that can be delivered from other restaurants under the same umbrella as Fat Boy. That includes locations of Portland Pie Company as well as Bolo's Kitchen Cantina. Another major change will be that alcohol will be served in the heated tent. It'll be the first time in Fat Boy's history that they serve adult beverages.

Perhaps the most intriguing offering on the Fat Boy winter "menu" will be the addition of a community ice rink next to the new tent. Fat Boy's owner envisions the ice rink being free to use with hopes that youth and adult hockey programs will utilize the ice, while family and friends utilize the outdoor tent. There are still details to be worked out about the ice rink and those will be available when the weather gets colder.

So a taste of summer is getting the winter treatment. Never say never in 2020.

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