So, I'm a big hiker. My mom, well, she's just a big worry wart when it comes to safety.

Here's what started the frenzy.

I posted this photo of myself over the weekend dangling off a pretty high rock in Acadia National Park right before I knew the bomb that was about to follow it.

On my hike back down, I received five missed calls from my sweet, over-protective mother screaming at me to never hang off the side of a cliff again.

However, what she doesn't know (since she's not a hiker), is that you can get these types of pictures that look like you're miles above a canyon, when in reality you're really just two feet off the ground. Angles baby.

It gets worse.

So THEN, Ma calls my radio show to continue to yell at me more.

This was when I figured out where it was all coming from. I'm sure you've seen the viral story by now of the scary story about a 13-year-old teenager named Wyatt who just fell 100 feet down into the Grand Canyon.

If you haven't, here's Wyatt, who yes, is very injured but is stable and doing okay (thank god).

You can read more about his story in The Guardian, but again, thank god he survived and it wasn't a tragic ending.

I totally understand where Ma was coming from, and I love that she loves me enough to warn me not to do it again, but you can't live your life scared of everything.

Acadia National Park is not for the inexperienced hikers (well the more extreme trails at least), which if you're from Maine, you absolutely already know.

I've been hiking difficult trails since I was a kid, so I'd say I'm doing just fine out there.
If you've ever been hiking in Acadia, you'll most likely recognize one of my favorite trails to get lost on.

Precipice Loop Trail:

This trail is really only a 2.1- mile loop closer which extends from and is closer to Bar Harbor, Maine. In my opinion, the best views on this trail happen between early summer and October while the leaves are changing.

Overall, just be safe out there whether you're a seasoned hiker or just casually going on one.

Oh, and before I go, thanks for loving me, Mom!

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