Honestly, guys, I haven't been this embarrassed in a long time HAHA so why not use humor to deflect the fact I wanted to crawl into a hole last night :)?

Have you ever thought you could make it to the mailbox real quick and back at night time in your underwear and a big tee-shirt without anybody seeing?

Well, they saw. Even worse, my big boss and his wife saw.

Long story short, I was ready for bed in my house comfies (yes I call them house comfies and you know exactly what I'm talking about), when it happened.

My doodle Mav needed his nightly walk around the block, and I pulled the mailbox thing. I can make a quick walk up the street and back in my sleep attire without anyone seeing since I live on a back street in Portland, right? RIGHT?


Maverick starts pulling me and running towards two humans, and there they were. My boss from the radio station and his awesome wife; two people I would rather eat coal than catch me in this tiny little outfit.

So of course, we all say hello and talk for a minute, the entire time I'm trying to hide my body with my long hair the best I can just trying to hold it together HAHA.

Luckily, these are two of the coolest and most supportive people ever, and they didn't even flinch, in fact, the next day I apologized to my bossman and he didn't even know what I was talking about.

Who else is a chronic overthinker and who else only runs into someone when they're not dressed, and never when you're looking good?!

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