My job here at The Q requires me to use my phone a lot. Not just for calls, texts and emails, but for photos and videos, too. I had something happen this week that was a total iPhone fail that showed me, again, that I cannot and should not count on technology and to ALWAYS back up your files.

I'm working on a new online local music show that will debut soon on our radio station web sites here at Townsquare Media. I recorded the first episode last week with an amazing local talent, Amy Allen. We completed the shoot and were thrilled with how it came out. I shot the whole thing on my iPhone 5c. Well, the very next day, my iPhone crashed and died! Oh no. Lucky for me, I have a full service plan on the phone that would get me a new one the next day. I also have everything on my phone backed up to "the cloud." So I thought.

After getting the new phone, I packaged up the old phone and put it in the mail to go back to Apple. Then I restored all the settings and content from my iCloud. A backup had been taken just the night before, so I SHOULD have been good, right? Wrong. The phone completed it's system restore everything was there EXCEPT the videos I took for my local music show the day prior. This has to be a cruel joke.

I'm now in panic mode and out of my mind. I spend hours on the phone with my cell carrier and Apple tech support only to be told "we think that's really weird. There's nothing we can do."  REALLY?!?!? If Steve Jobs were alive today, HE would fix this! HE would come up with some groundbreaking solution to fix this problem. Right? What has happened at Apple?!?

Has this ever happened to you? Do you have an suggestions or advice on how I might be able to locate the videos? Please comment below, on our Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag #EpiciphoneFail.

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