What's with everyone having this illegal and scary animals that don't belong in Maine? Somerset County Sheriff's Deputies arrested three people in Skowhegan Monday in a drug bust. Not only did they find drugs, but they also found an alligator.

36-year-old Jessica Hutchins of Skowhegan, 38-year-old Fred Barlow of Moscow and 37-year-old Randy Willard of Oakland were all arrested on drug charges Monday. According to WGME 13, deputies found $12,000 worth of drugs and the illegal alligator.

The alligator isn't the size you would imagine. It's just two feet long, but no matter what the size, you can't have it here in Maine. This isn't exactly their climate. That's like having a polar bear in Florida.

On Saturday, 33 tarantulas and other hairy spiders were found in a guest's room at the Inn Town Motel in Norway. Those are also illegal to have in Maine and were confiscated.

Begin rant here: What are you people thinking when you decide you want to have these exotic, undomesticated animals as pets? Do you think they are happy with you? Dogs and cats need humans to survive. They need their care, compassion and love. Spiders, snakes and alligators don't. They need to be in their natural habitat, not in Maine. End rant.

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