I've never been first in line before! Might as well get that perspective.

First off, it took FOREVER for that sucker to go up and down. The arms came down well before the bridge started going up! So, you may notice that I didn't have the brilliant idea of filming until kinda late into the rising of the bridge. In case you don't know, this is the very expensive bridge that connects Portland and South Portland. According to Wikipedia, about 32,000 people cross that bridge every day.

I was obsessed with finding what was making the bridge have to go up. A big giant Russian tanker? A huge aircraft carrier? Nope. A sailboat. That's right. One sailboat...with one long ass mast. You can't see it, because I wasn't gonna get out of my car, but I asked the biker standing next to me, and I could just see the top of the mast. Ugh. In all, it took almost 20 minutes for that damn bridge to do its thing. Here it is in under 30 seconds.

I love time lapse video. Notice the guy on the left. I call him the antsy dude. He was super anxious for that bridge to go back down! I bet I could live out the rest of my (hopefully) long life in Maine and never be first in line at the bridge ever again.

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