So, last week, Lori from the Q Morning Show (you know... Lori Voornas from the Meat or Cheese videos) got a new car! Check out her new ride here.

And I did too!

No, we didn't go car shopping together, and no, we didn't get some special inside deal from anyone. My 2004 Honda Civic needed quite a bit of work done to get inspected again, so I thought I would just get a new car instead of having to deal with it. Responsible, right? Thought so.

So, here's my brand new.... lime green Ford Fiesta!

Now, who got the better deal? A purple kia minivan, or a bright green ford?

And just when I thought that the hideous color of my new car was completely unique, I get hit with a 2x4 by none other than Her Majesty the Queen:

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