Not to be outdone by Oreo with the gazillion different flavors, M&M's is continuing to expand its long list of flavors by adding three new international-inspired flavors and you can vote on which is the best.

I saw a display with the three flavors at Hannaford yesterday and decided to pick up a package. The choices were Thai coconut, Mexican jalapeno, and English toffee.

Not being much of a fan of coconut or toffee, I grabbed the jalapeno. The come in only three colors, red, yellow and green and they are the peanut variety of M&M's, as are all three of these new flavors.

When I got home, I tried just one rather than toss a few in my mouth as I usually do, because I had no idea what to expect. Maybe it might be too hot. Maybe it would taste awful.

For the first few seconds it tasted exactly like a peanut M&M and I felt kind of ripped off, but then the spice of the jalapeno flavor kicked in. It wasn't overwhelming hot by any means, but enough to get my attention. You could easily eat the whole bag and probably not be desperate for some water to cool your mouth off.

If you want to try them or any of the three new flavors, look for a stand alone display with all three items at Hannaford Supermarkets. I found these just to the right of the candy display in Portland. Give them a try and then you can vote on which one is your favorite and the winner will be added to lineup of M&M flavors.


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