What started as a simple request from some tourists in the early 80's has turned into one of the most sought after Ice Cream flavors at Ben And Bill's Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor.

When a couple from out of state asked for chocolate peanut butter fudge flavored ice cream Ben and Bill had to make it as they didn't have that flavor in their store so they told the couple to come back in a few hours. When the couple returned Ben and Bill had made their request. The couple then said "we give you a 9 out of 10." Curious to know why they didn't score a 10, Bill asked the couple who replied "you have every flavor but lobster." Bill told them to come back tomorrow and lobster ice cream was born. And the couple changed their score to a perfect 10.

Since then Ben and Bill have been serving up the savory sweet treat to thousands..



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