If there's one thing about the current food and drink scene in Portland, Maine, it's that it never stops changing. And another big change is about to take place.

One of the most recognizable breweries and distilleries in Portland's Old Port is changing hands. According to Portland Old Port, Liquid Riot has been sold and is set to close permanently, allowing a new owner and shift in concept to take over the space.

It's been a solid run for Liquid Riot on the Portland waterfront. Initially launched in 2013 as In'finiti Brewing and Distilling, the owners chose to rebrand and redesign their space in 2015 under the moniker Liquid Riot. It was an homage to the famous rum riot in Portland's history.

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After the name change, the cozy spot on the waterfront began to take off in popularity. The tourism boom in downtown Portland has helped over the years, as Liquid Riot's food and drink menu has drawn in piles of summer customers.

Now, Liquid Riot will undergo another shift, as new ownership is rebranding the business as Camp Pennant. There will be changes to both the food menu and drink offerings, with new beers and spirits added, as well as signature cocktails and beyond.

The biggest change might be the installation of a wood-fired oven. That will allow chefs to prepare both wood-fired pizza and a handful of seafood dishes. Similar to Fore Street, it will likely fill the space with an aroma that smells like a campfire.

The new owner of Liquid Riot is Michael Fraser, who owns or has ownership stake in several other Portland restaurants around the city. They include Bramhall, CBG, Nosh and Nosh Tacos, as well as Paper Tiger.

Liquid Riot plans to remain open until June 2. There is set to be a short closure before Camp Pennant has their grand opening.

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