The several years have brought a dramatic shift to Portland's Old Port. Many of the dance clubs, dive bars, and late-night hotspots have disappeared. They've been replaced by themed cocktail bars, high-end restaurants, and retail.

That isn't to say that Portland's Old Port doesn't still draw a crowd. It absolutely does, especially on weekend nights. But what many visitors to the area have discovered over the last year or so is that it can be really challenging to find food past 10pm.

That's partly because two late night pizza staples in the Old Port have shuddered for good in recent years. Both Bill's Pizza and the Old Port Slice Bar have closed permanently. The Blue Rooster, another late night powerhouse, has also closed for good. Other restaurants have stopped food service after 10pm leaving Old Port partiers with next to no options.

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Google Maps

Cheese Louise is ready to bring another option to the table. They announced on Facebook that their Old Port location will begin offering a late night menu on Friday and Saturdays until 2am.

Cheese Louise will serve many of their regular favorites like The Vermonter and the Baconator, while also offering up a new menu for the late night crowd: Dealer's Choice. A chance for you to find out what the cook is in the mood for.

Canva (Facebook via Cheese Louise)
Canva (Facebook via Cheese Louise)

Cheese Louise will also offer a cocktail menu during their late night hours. Customers will have a chance to order a combo and pair food with some adult beverages. Some of their signature cocktails will include a caramel espresso martini and a mason jar margarita.

Cheese Louise plans to begin their late night offerings on Friday, April 12.


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