If you're going to leave your Facebook account logged in on a work computer, you better be prepared for your co-workers to have all sorts of fun on your behalf.

Take Lori Voornas for example. She had to leave The Q Morning Show early on Friday to go speak at a school assembly. Towards the end of the show, Kylie and I noticed that she left herself signed into Facebook on the station computer, so we decided to have some fun. This sort of thing happens pretty regularly between co-workers. Some people call it hacking, but it's not. That's like saying someone broke into your house when you left the door wide open. Lori forgot to close the door.

First order of business, ask our listeners to call us up and tell us what we should post for status updates. You guys are good!



Up next, we need to change her profile picture. Oh...here we go.



The new photo created one problem for people on mobile devices as Kelly pointed out.

Well that's an easy fix. Just change the cover photo to someone Lori is a big fan of.


And one more status update for good measure.


And done. Things turned out nicely.

Oh...did I mention we left her logged in just in case anyone else wanted to join in on the fun? Apparently no one else dared. We'll deal with Facebook II: The Wrath of Voornas on Monday. This should be fun.