Every Christmas tree is different for every family or business, that's the best part! However, Portland, Maine is home to one of the most unique looking Christmas trees you'll ever see, and it's right in the middle of our city.

Right infront of the Portland Regency and Spa Hotel, is a very Maine themed, very creative Lobster Trap Tree built from real traps. At night time, you'll see them decked out in thousands of Christmas lights including a pretty star on top.

During the day, the display is sometimes even cooler because you can see every detail of what a true lobsterman's trap looks like and how it works. If it sparks your interest for wharf life, you can easily walk a few blocks down the road and check out the Portland Pier waterfront in person.

As said by portlandoldport.com, these lobster trap tree's have a very significant meaning.

"Paying homage to the lobsterman and woman roots of Maine, these lobster trap trees are equally as fun in the day as when illuminated at night".


This tree is super adored by Mainer's and it seems the trend has been catching on. Just a few blocks away a waterfront restaurant, Luke's Lobster had followed suit. They've put up their own (smaller) version of a lobster trap tree last year that I had seen the last time I went down to the pier, so I'm hoping this year they bring it back!

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