Sydney, from Richmond, has a music video and now is featured on the song 'Mama Sushi' from rapper Vado.

The album is Long Run Vol. 1 and track 6 is Mama Sushi (featuring Sydney). The lyrics are NSFW so...listen at your own risk.


Vado (which stands for violence and drugs only) has been rapping since the early 2000's.


Sydney was just a puppy then. But she is diving into the music business head first and she is super talented! She's my favorite part of the Vado track!

The exciting part for Sydney is that Vado is on Jay Z's record lable, Roc Nation. It's the first time she has been on a major label and she's hoping for a snowball effect!

The video she did for her own song '100' is great (and shot 100% here in Maine). In case you missed it.


Keep an eye out for this Richmond she could soon be having people featured on HER songs!


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