I knew it. I knew we were gonna see lots of Barbie & Kens this year for Halloween considering the entire universe turned pink these last few months.

I won't lie, at one point I even thought about doing some kind of Barbie costume too until I figured out I wanted to be Squidward from SpongeBob LOL.

I knew Barbie was a huge fad, but I guess I didn't realize the fad had gotten SO big that every single state minus maybe five has Barbie ranked as the number one costume people are dressing up as this year.

On this list of the most popular costumes by state in 2023 I found on bookies.com, the only ones out of all 50 in the US that didn't get named Barbie were Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Hold on a minute though, Maine.

I'm actually very shocked we too got dragged under Barbie's reigns for Halloween considering we're such an artsy state. There are so many other unique costume ideas I've seen throughout the Halloweens here, and Barbie doesn't seem to fit into a true Mainer's mold.

Again, just my opinion.

Mainers love their flannels and being warm. We're not typically boujee nor prissy, so to put Maine in the Barbie box on this top costumes list feels... contradicting.

On top of the fact that this list of top costumes has basically every state in the US ranking Barbie as No. 1? Really? No. Outrageous.

I'm dressing up as Squidward for Halloween; SpongeBob's bestie, and you can't stop me.

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