In case you'd forgotten that the spotlight on Maine and its food scene has been shining brighter year by year, one of the biggest celebrities on planet earth made her way to Vacationland this weekend for one reason and one reason alone: to eat a lobster roll.

Oprah (yes, THAT Oprah) took to Instagram to share a moment from her lunch at the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant in Harpswell. She brought along some of her close personal friends and book club members so they could all enjoy a classic Maine lobster roll. The Dolphin Marina and Restaurant has won a slew of awards of the years for operating at a high level.

So what made Oprah decide to try a lobster roll in Harpswell? Well, it was a book after all. Her book was discussing a book by author Elizabeth Strout called Olive, Again, which takes place partly in Maine. What better way to discuss the book than over one of Maine's most popular dishes?

And if you watched the video, you heard that this was Oprah's very first lobster roll. She clearly loved it, and perhaps she's already planning her next trip back to Maine to have another. Hey Oprah, there's nothing quite like summer in Maine.

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