Who knew Maine had so much cheer talent?! The Port City Athletes and Southern Maine Cheer Katz are headed to ESPN in Orlando to compete in the D2 Summit! The teams have been perfecting their routines over the past year and are on the verge of going up against the best cheer teams in Florida. Now's your chance to help the teams pay for their travel costs to the competition and get a preview peek at their routines.

This Sunday, you can support the teams in their endeavors while watching the kids show off their skills. Not only can you see cheer kids do their thang, but parents of the performers have put together their own team for your entertainment... I don't know how many of these parents have experience cheering, but I'm willing to guess it will be a slightly more scattered than the competitors' routines.

The fund raiser will be family friendly and endlessly entertaining, so I suggest you get your tickets online or at the door Sunday and support these impressive athletes in their trip to Florida. When I think "cheer," I always think of this SNL skit. I'm guessing the kids' routines are more intense, but it may be a teaser of the parents' performance!

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