I bet this listener is NOT alone with this problem. I am going to change her name. Her problem is with an ex and his new girlfriend.

Here's Jane's letter (edited a bit)...

I moved out from my then husband, and within three months he had his girlfriend living with him.  I hated her because of that, but have since moved on.


Last summer she "accidentally" sent me a rude picture
(she was flipping off the camera and he was sticking his tongue in her ear), and when I told her to lose my contact info and stop talking to me, she insulted me and criticized my parenting. I got nasty and ended up having to change my number to avoid the drama, and she was subsequently prohibited from my property.


I've moved on emotionally from him, and I'm of tired of the pointless animosity. I've admitted to them that yes, I have been rude and unreasonable, but it goes both ways.

So here's the short version: I'm ready to let go and move on, and actually asked my ex to just let it go even though I was blamed for everything. But I'm concerned if I relent on this boundary, that both of them will continue completely disrespecting me. Should I let it go or stand my ground?

Tough situation. Okay, time to play jury and judge! What should Jane do?

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