Customers walking into the Rite Aid at 713 Congress Street in Portland will notice some changes tomorrow when it becomes Walgreens, a move that will continue throughout Maine. Pamphlets have been available at the Congress Street Rite Aid for several weeks explaining the change.

Rite Aid to Walgreens

In September, Rite Aid sold 1,932 stores to Walgreens, with 79 of them here in Maine. Now the transition to the Walgreens brand is underway with the Congress Street store becoming a Walgreens on January 25.

A Walgreens employee told us the changes won't be noticeable at first as just the pharmacy will become Walgreens while the rest of the store will still be Rite Aid for the time being. Outdoor signage won't change for a while. Over time the entire store will make the transition.

Customers will want to make sure that their personal information with the pharmacy is up to date including insurance and contact info. Patience is also requested as the staff makes the transition.

More Rite Aid stores in Maine will slowly make the change to Walgreens in the coming months, but it's unclear what will happen in towns where there are Walgreens and Rite Aids close to each other such as Norway and South Paris and Washington Avenue and Allen Avenue in Portland.


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