There's a new mobile pet grooming service opening in southern Maine that will make it easy for your pet to get a wash and cut without having to load them up in your car to take them to the groomer. It's called Furry Land, and their mobile grooming van will start rolling out on April 23.

Furry Land Mobile Grooming is one of the largest mobile pet grooming franchise companies in the US, with 65 locations across 29 states. It is now adding its first in Maine.

Furry Land Southern Maine has a Mercedes Sprinter van that contains a state-of-the-art pet grooming station that functions as a mobile pet salon. There's a generator that powers the dryer, table, clippers, air conditioning, heat, vacuum lights, and hot water. They come to you with everything needed to get your pet looking their best.

This video is for locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but expect the same at Furry Land Southern Maine when it opens.

By the looks of the dogs in that video, they love getting a bath. The dog my family had growing up wanted nothing to do with it, and it was always a challenge getting her into a tub. Seems like Furry Land has it down to a science.

Even though they have a few weeks to go until their grand opening, you can book your appointment with Furry Land Southern Maine online to have them come to you to get your dog looking their best.

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