I love me a good dead celebrity conspiracy theory. Elvis is probably one of the longest running dead celebrity theories, alongside Tupac, and people still go crazy over alleged Elvis sightings. The most recent happened at Graceland, where else?

January 8th would have been the King's 82nd birthday. Keeping with tradition, the Elvis homestead at Graceland hosted a birthday celebration. Lingering among the crowd of dedicated Elvis fans was an older man with a thick white beard, dark sunglasses, and a baseball hat. Elvis fans are convinced that this man in his not-so-elaborate disguise is a dead ringer for Elvis.

Facebook via Evidence Elvis is Alive
Facebook via Evidence Elvis is Alive

The photo was posted and shared by Facebook group Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive (of course it was). But the photo sparked controversy in the Elvis fandom. How could that be him? Even the most dedicated of fans argued that it wasn't Elvis himself.

Don't worry, the Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive Facebook group agreed that there's a possibility it might not be Elvis... But it could be his identical twin brother (who was stillborn, by the way).

What do you think?

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