There I was getting ice cream when this stopped me in my tracks! Was I reading this right?

Does that say Big Gay Ice Cream? Yes it does with flavors like:

Salty Pimp, Dorothy, Birfdae Cëk, American Globs, Lunchbox, Rocky Roadhouse and Blueberry Gobbler.

I would have picked up some, but Ben and Jerry (are they gay?) was cheaper.

But I looked into Big Gay Ice Cream to see what they were all about. How could I have ya know...been gay and not known? Why wasn't it in the newsletter?

Big Gay Ice Cream was started as a summer food truck in NYC and exploded into shops and of course pints! My favorite part is the sarcasm with every pint. Like, the description of Dorothy according to their website:

Mix together thick swirls of dulce de leche and vanilla wafer cookie chunks into vanilla ice cream and you get our favorite gal pal, Dorothy. Are you a friend of Dorothy? Of course you are, and we thank you for being a friend.


That's awesome! You can't find this stuff everywhere, but Shaw's in Falmouth had it - ya know, in case you want to celebrate your Birfdae.


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