Imagine one minute your dogs are playing in the backyard, and then the next minute, you’re trying to scare off a fisher that has your dog in between its teeth.

It was a stressful and frightening scene for one Mattapoisett woman who saw firsthand what a fisher is capable of. Was this a ferocious, rabid attack or just a dog in the wrong place at the wrong time? I had to find out.

Veronica Brockwell shared with me the details of her terrifying experience that has left her mini schnauzer/ Yorkie mix named Baxter with serious injuries.

She recently had a fence installed to give her dogs a little more freedom. On Monday night, it was extremely cold, so instead of joining her dogs Baxter and Annie in the yard, she let them out on their own, feeling confident in her new fence. She now regrets that decision.

“The little man saw something and snuck under a low spot in the fence,” Brockwell explained. “He was gone maybe a minute when he met the Fisher.”

Brockwell caused a big commotion in hopes of scaring off the fisher, and although the fisher dropped Baxter and ran away, the damage was done.

Baxter is now recovering from multiple puncture wounds with an impeded tooth, bone fragments and broken ribs. He is having difficulty walking, but Brockwell prays that it is only due to the swelling.

Courtesy Veronica Brockwell
Courtesy Veronica Brockwell

But was this an unprovoked fisher attack? Brockwell doesn’t think so.

“The fisher was just hunting dinner. I was the one who was not paying attention. I know better," she said. "Our wildlife is not going away, they are part of our environment. We just need to be vigilant with keeping our animals safe so we can coexist.”

Brockwell wanted to share her story as a reminder to pet owners to always stay alert, and she hopes that it will save other pets in the area from suffering a similar attack.

Let’s all pray for Baxter on a speedy and full recovery.

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