Sad news that we thought might be coming.

Toys R Us announced on Tuesday that they would be closing 182 stores as part of their bankruptcy restructuring. Two stores in Maine made the list published by USA Today, Toys R Us in Bangor and the Babies R Us in South Portland by the Maine Mall.

Going out of business sales at both stores should start in February and the stores will likely close their doors for good in April.

There is one last sliver of hope to save them. If the store is able to negotiate lower lease terms, they may stay open. That seems like a long shot though with the recent boom of development in the mall area in South Portland.

It won't be the same without them, but we'll always be a Toys R Us kid.

Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that the Toys R Us store in South Portland is closing. It is the Babies R Us store that is closing.

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