Here in Maine, we are die hard Patriots fans, except for those random Giants fans. I'll never understand them.

A good part of that love for our team is Patriots head coach Bill Belichick who is starting his 21st season with leading one of the most successful football franchises in NHL history. Since then, with the help of former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, he led them to six Super Bowl wins and 17 playoff appearances. He's accomplished a lot, and now you can add an appearance in a Subway commercial.

The new ad with Belichick finds him on a street staring down a guy with a box of fried chicken, then saying "Really?" Chicken man realizes his mistake and tosses the box saying "You're right, I should just get a delicious footlong from Subway."

Belichick isn't done with him yet though, and takes a moment to fix his look.


If you look closely, you can even see him smile for half a second. Yes. He has teeth.

I can't help but wonder, what did the man who earns $12 million a year cash earn for this quick little appearance in a Subway commercial for saying just seven words? My guess is whatever he wanted.

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