A new survey revealed what employees want in their dream office. Out of curiosity, I took a cruise around Townsquare Media, Portland to see how we are doing. Not bad!

Here are some of things employees want:

  • Good music.

Hell yeah! We've got that in spades!

  • A fruit bowl.

We don't have a fruit bowl, but our friends at  Walgreens keep us stocked with snacks. Greg drops off everything from sunflower seeds to bite size brownies. Love you!

  •  A nice view.

This one is pretty terrific!

nice view
  • A place to nap.

No kidding!  People want a place to kick it! Done and done. This is a real office belonging to an important person, and it has the cushiest couch! That's my beautiful friend Anna. She does mornings on WHOM down the hall. No slacking for Anna. She is vertical. She's also new. That vertical thing will wear off when her adrenaline does. I expect to find her napping there during month six.

place to napa
  •  A gym on site.

The Bay Club is right next door. Not only can you get a great work out or a delicious concoction from their smoothie bar, but they also generate some pretty attractive traffic!

Bay Club Gym
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Outdoor space for meetings or just hanging out for lunch.

...Or having huge concerts on Monument Square! Just like my patio at home, we haven't gotten around to pulling it together on the WBLM patio. I make it my mission to set up chairs and tables this week! These windows do rock, but they are angled and a lot of visitors have hit their heads. We laugh and laugh and laugh...That's wrong isn't it?

outdoor space

Some other top requests included:

  • touch screen computers
  • a labeled parking space
  • exercise balls or bean bags instead of traditional office chairs

I double-dog dare you to notice all of the positive things that your work place offers.Do you have someone who brings in baked goods? Does your boss take you all out for "Team Building" lunches? Drop the good news on our Fan Page. or tweet #notsobadiguess

I also like the free t-shirts.


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