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Halloween is right around the corner, and picking your costume is probably not as easy as you want it to be.

And you want to show off your love for Maine, too.

Thankfully, we have you covered with some costume ideas that'll make your choice easy and be totally in line with the Pine Tree State.


Rubie's IT Deluxe Pennywise Adult Costume

First off, this one is sure to turn heads: a Pennywise costume. It's Stephen King's "It" brought to life, and you'll be sure to get some scares with it Halloween night.


EraSpooky Men's Halloween Lobster Costume(Red, OneSize)

If you're thinking of Maine, lobster is bound to come to mind. So what better way to represent than with some claws of your own.


Adult Lumberjack Costume

Scary lumberjack or friendly lumberjack? You decide. Either way, you're giving off those Paul Bunyan vibes.


Forum Novelties Blueberry Costume

Seriously, Maine blueberries are the best, so why not be one? You'll certainly stand out in all that blue.


What's more Maine than a moose? With this costume, you've got full on outfit and antlers. Just another great Halloween choice.